How it all started

Runwaytrash Boutique is a modern vintage fashion boutique where we collaborate with local businesses and artists to showcase their products and works. We love to work with local makers & shakers to showcase and sell handmade goods and art. Runwaytrash started off with a love for vintage and thrift stores and grew to become a bigger dream, RWT Collective. Runwaytrash opened in 2014 in Long Beach, California where we started our store to create a space for our love of vintage and fashion to share with the world. RWT Collective is our clothing line inspired by vintage pieces that are locally sourced and handmade by our team!

Fashion collaboration of the past, present, & future.

Give back to the Community

Runwaytrash has always thought of sustainability as a top priority and are committed to giving back to the community. Each quarter or year, we pick a charity that speaks to us. We donate funds to a charity and any item(s) that the charity may need. Runwaytrash has donated to organizations that help women shelters, animal shelters, and orphanages, like Heart for Home. Heart for Home is an organization that helps orphanages in the Philippines, soon to be all over the world, with toiletries, food, and school supplies. We are always open to helping other causes and will continue doing so in the future.